Fresco Control d.o.o.  is a young,  dynamic company, consisting  of three mature, motivated enterpreneurs  with a diverse background of experience.  We are like-minded team,  with great inspiration that motivates us to spread our concern for our  health and  environment.

The idea of Fresco Control came up suddenly  and is based on a true story. (read more below)
A lot of time, work, creativity, love and positive energy has been put into developement of  a high quality product that everyone will love and will be not only useful but also used with  enthusiasm.

Our  mission is to offer the customer only the best, and promote better health, live more mindfully, reduce waste and raise awareness about protection of our planet.
All of this can be achieved  with help of  new assistant, Fresco Control.

Our main focus is:
Be and stay healthy,  Be and stay positive and more secure, Be and stay a part of  nature