Prior to using Fresco Control, we highly recommend that you read the instructions that came with the packaging, or download instructions in PDF format below.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important that the foods and products that you have are   always  fresh enough, edible and useful.  You can only do this by storing products  correctly and at the correct temperature. FC has the ability to control the shelf life and at the same time control the prescribed temperature.

It is very important to understand that the “Best By” date on the packaging DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE after the product had been opened and stored away. 

In that case, the “Best By” date comes significantly faster and it becomes very important to store the product at the correct temperature! 

Do not underestimate these two factors and take care of your health!

You can check what happens with our food, various products and the packaging itself on our blog by clicking HERE.

Fresco Control  is a “Safe guard”  for your food, products and your health.

The FC setting is simple.  Only for the first time it is necessary to set FC with certain – adjustable buttons, where they open menus.  Set up first – select the product name on which it is located.  For all selected products / except for medicines and cosmetics / the pre-set days of use and temperature are displayed.

If everything is OK, confirm with the button and then OK appears on the screen.  All of your settings will be saved.

Our tip: before confirming the setting with OK, check on the packaging instruction on which you have FC regarding the shelf life after opening the package and the storage temperature. 
Products may have different indications regarding the storage of the product, which depends on the product itself and the manufacturer.  In the case , that the pre-set data is not the same as on the packaging, you can easily change them with the button setting. 

For medicines and cosmetics:  you choose and set the product name first / ie: cosmetic/ then according to instructions from the packaging set the shelf life after opening, the prescribed temperature and then confirm.
For detailed information, please refer to the User’s Guide.

No it does not, it is an independent product.

Fresco Control has complete control over your food, cosmetics, medicine and anything else that can be considered a “risky” perishable product.

FC: 41x63x12 mm,   weight 25g;  

Carrier: 62 x 21 ,  weight 7 g

FC  assembled together with the carrier:  thickness : 13 mm

Of course, you can.

It can be adapted to all types of packaging /glass, plastic, tetra pack etc …/

as well as all shapes and sizes up to the size of the packaging of approx. 1US gallons – 3.78 l

No. However, it is resistant to condensation in the refrigerator

No, it can not.

Yes, you can. Replacing the battery is very easy and takes only a minute.
You can follow these steps:

  • Remove the cap on the back side of FC
  • Carefully remove the battery and replace it with a new one /+ should be up ; down/
  • Push the cap back on FC

Fresco Control is now ready for use.

When we install FC on a particular food – product and when it is switched on, it begins by counting down the specified days of use and begins to measure the temperature.  All information about what’s happening with the product,
which controls it, shows with LEDs /green + red/ and prints the information on the LCD display.  It also draws attention to any irregularities – deviations with an audible signal /an alarm / and  flashing red lights.  /Read more about this in the User’s Guide/.

Yes,  it’s completely quiet, except when the alarm is triggered – an acoustic signal,  that warns something is wrong.

FC has a 12 month warranty, except for consumer material – battery and elastic.

FC can be used for all types of food, especially those that are already open, because they are more perishable and have a very short useful life.

It has a battery coin cell – CR 2032 .

Approximately 12 months when considering that you open the refrigerator door 15 times/day.

You can clean it with damp or dry cloth.

It depends on each individual. It is important that each individual has control over the products that are expired faster.  With this control, you can save on your budget as well as reduce your waste.

It is recommended to have at least 3 Fresco Control devices for those most essential products /eg : milk, juice, other food (meat…) food for pets, cosmetics, medicine…/

In the event of distance or off-premise contract, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 days, notifying the company by email without having to state the reason for the withdrawal.
The consumer must return the goods to the company within 14 days of the written notification of withdrawal from the purchase, bearing the direct cost of return.  A copy of the order must be attached. The costs of return are borne by the customer.
The customer must return the product to the seller undamaged and in the same quantity, in original and undamaged packaging, unless the product is destroyed, defective, lost, or reduced in quantity through no fault of the customer.
In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the company refunds all received payments with delivery costs (except additional costs due to customer’s choice of delivery method that is not the most cost-effective offered standard form of delivery by the company), immediately or within 14 days of receiving the notification of withdrawal from the contract.
The company can withhold payment until it receives the returned goods or until the customer/buyer submit proof of returned goods, depending on which occurs sooner.
The company refunds payments made to the consumer/customer using the method of payment used by the consumer, except if the consumer explicitly requests another means of payment and the consumer bears no additional costs for this purpose.
Click here for the contract withdrawal form.  Withdrawal from contract PDF

The delivery deadlines are listed as the number of workdays, specifically 2 to 5 days after the order.
The orders are delivered using the Post of Slovenia or DHL delivery service. Before delivery, the delivery service courier will notify you via the contact number (submitted upon order).
Time of delivery: Deliveries received by 5 PM on workdays are shipped the following day. If payment is made by proforma invoice, we first wait for the transfer of payment and ship the order after receiving the payment.
Risk of loss or damage to shipped goods is transferred from the seller to the customer when the goods are physically accepted by the customer or third party that is not the delivery service and is appointed for this purpose by the customer. If the customer orders delivery by a transport operator other than the Post of Slovenia or DHL, the risk of destruction or damage to the goods is transferred to the customer upon the seller’s delivery of the goods to the chosen transport operator.
In the event of any questions related to your order or delivery, write to us at [email protected] or call us at 041 616 792 or 031 779 755, every workday between 8 AM and 5 PM.

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